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Vegeta flies to Cell and asks if he really thinks he could win if he reaches his perfect form. "That's right!!! I definitely wouldn't lose!!! Power! Speed! Tech! Brains! Spirit! All of that, I'd be a perfect being. That's what the computer told me." Vegeta then kicks Cell and sends him flying. #18 says that Vegeta looked so weak when she fought him, but #16 says that it doesn't matter, something happened to him in the last few days. Kuririn moves even closer to them and hides behind a rock. He shakes as he peeks at number 18. Vegeta walks over to Cell and asks Cell again if he really thinks he could win if he reaches his perfect form. Cell says he's repeating himself, but yes, he would undoubtedly win. Vegeta looks concerned and Trunks worries what his dad thinks.

Kuririn thinks he has to use this controller to stop number 18 and destroy her so Cell can't absorb her. He remembers when she kissed him on the cheek and then dropped the controller. Number 18 hears him fall and looks at him. He sees the remote, knows what it is and wonders why he has it. Cell tells Vegeta that he knows how the Saiyans are a fighting race and that they love to fight. So the stronger their opponent, the happier it is. He figures that Vegeta would want to fight him in his perfect form and Vegeta says that he knows the Saiyans well. Vegeta says he's going to fall for his trick, so go ahead and become perfect. Cell flies away, but then Trunks, now a Super Saiyan, stands in Cell's way. Kuririn apologizes to Bulma and then steps on the controller, breaking it. He then tells her to run away and not get swallowed up. She asks him why he did that, but Kuririn can't answer. Cell yells at Vegeta that Trunks is in his way, but then suddenly sees the number 18 on the island.