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Vegeta has a shocked look on his face and Cell tells him to smile. Then Cell flies over and kicks Vegeta over some mountain, but Vegeta gets caught in the air. Cell says their difference is too big so the fight will be boring. Trunks gets angry and Kuririn tells him to go help Vegeta or he really will die. Trunks says he will wait until his father is unconscious so he won't notice. Kuririn says he will be killed before he falls unconscious. Number 16 prepares to attack Cell from behind, but Cell tells him not to do anything unnecessary. Cell doubts he could do anything anyway since he's just junk right now. Vegeta gasped but held out his arms and began to charge. He raises his arms, with the hands pointing outwards and a clenched motion. The whole area shakes like crazy when Vegeta powers up.

Vegeta yells at Cell that no matter how much he says he's reached his perfect form, he's only gained a little courage and he's still just a coward. Cell just smirks as Kuririn wonders if Vegeta is planning to blow up the Earth with this technique. Cell stands up to take it head on as Trunks asks his father to stop. Kuririn tells Trunks he has to run and Vegeta yells, "FINAL FLASH!!!!!" He launches a huge blast right at Cell and Cell starts looking worried at the last moment. The explosion is so powerful that it shoots into space. Trunks and Kuririn get off the island in time and think that Vegeta really did it. Vegeta powers down as Cell stands there missing a huge chunk of his body. Vegeta says "That's what you get!"