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Cell's right arm and a large part of his torso are missing and he can't believe it. Vegeta starts laughing and Kuririn is thrilled that he actually did it. Cell starts freaking out and Vegeta laughs even more. But then Cell smirks and asks Vegeta if he's forgotten that Piccolo's blood runs through him. Cell then regenerates his missing body parts and Vegeta goes crazy.

Cell holds out his new arm and says he will kill Vegeta now. He goes to Vegeta, who desperately fires a bunch of small shots at him. When the smoke clears, Cell is unharmed and punches Vegeta, knocking him down. Vegeta starts to get up, but then Cell kicks him into the air. Cell then rises into the air behind him and elbows Vegeta into the ground. Vegeta hits hard, face first, and then loses Super Saiyan and returns to normal.

Kuririn thinks he must be unconscious or maybe dead... Cell laughs at how Vegeta is stubbornly still alive. Kuririn now tells Trunks he has to do it, but Trunks says he knows and turns on. Trunks starts to bulk up a lot and Kuririn freaks out over his power.