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Cell says nothing came of this transformation and calls him stupid. Trunks realizes that this is why his father didn't dare to use this transformation. He then lands and says he's an idiot like Cell said. He shuts down and tells Cell to kill him. Cell says ok and holds out his hand. Meanwhile, Kuririn has landed on another island with Vegeta and says that Trunks' ki has decreased while Cell's is still huge. Kuririn gets worried and wakes up Vegeta and feeds him senzu. Cell tells Trunks that both he and Vegeta let him down and he was hoping it would be more fun. At God's Palace, Bulma asks if Trunks is still winning. Piccolo says that Cell's perfect form is amazing and that Trunks will be killed.

Cell has one last question. He and Podravka suddenly took off very quickly in a short period of time. Cell wants to know how. Trunks says nothing, so Cell changes the question. "If you had time, could you go up even more?" Trunks says he won't know unless he tries and asks Cell why he wants to know. Cell says he has another question. “What is Son Goku doing? Why isn't he here?" Trunks says that Goku is currently training to beat him and it looks like he will be fighting tomorrow. Cell likes this answer and says that in ten days he will hold a martial arts tournament which is a great service for everyone . He wants them to be stronger and to make it fun. He explains to Trunks that there used to be martial arts tournaments called Tenka'ichi Budōkai and he is going to revive it.

“However, your only opponent will be me. It will be one on one fights and if I win, another person will line up to fight me. You can have as many people as you want. If your numbers are higher, it will only be an advantage. You should collect as many of them as possible. I will let you know when I know the location. By telecasting or something." Cell then prepares to leave, saying that he'll be sure to bring a lot of sense, and Trunks demands to know what his true purpose is. Cell says that he basically just wants to test his own power and doesn't have interested in taking over the world or something. He's not even really interested in killing Son Goku, the reason he was created. His biggest goal is to see the look of horror on people's faces. Trunks freaks out and Cell says that's the look and then flies off. Trunks there he stands speechless until Kuririn and Vegeta arrive at the island and ask what happened.

Bulma tells the two of them to stop just standing there and go help or Trunks will die. Piccolo says it's okay, he wasn't killed. Then he thinks that next time he will have to enter the room of spirit and time. Meanwhile, Trunks explained everything and Vegeta is upset that Cell is using them to play. Trunks thinks that maybe they can make it if they all re-enter the Room of Spirit and Time. Vegeta says Goku doesn't need him either, he just needs one day there. #16 limps over to them and says he'll be in the tournament as well. He asks if someone will take him to the Capsule Corporation for repairs. Trunks says no, but Kuririn says he'll take him. He tells Trunks not to worry because he doesn't seem evil. The two that Cell absorbed weren't too bad either. They are very different from the future artificial humans that Trunks knows, and this is a time when it's good to have a lot of strong allies. “The next day there was a telecast that was broadcast all over the world. Surely everyone on Earth was overcome with fear…”