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The next morning, Cell decides to make a ring for the tournament. It's mostly empty except for a few houses, but Cell blows them up and makes much of the land completely smooth and flat. Then Cell telekinetically picks up a huge mountain and slices it up until it becomes a perfectly smooth cube. He then still telekinetically slices the cube into tiles and then sends them all onto the flattened area on the ground. Now he goes to a TV station. At the Kame House, Kuririn and Yamcha are watching the weather when the guy on the TV suddenly starts screaming. Kuririn tells Muten Roshi that Cell is on TV and he and Chi-Chi have come to watch as well. A crewman yells into the camera to call security or the police, but then Cell kills him.

“I'm going to interrupt your television for a moment. Actually, I have brought great news for those who like to live in peace. News that should add even more joy and excitement to your days. My name is Cell. I think you all know the situation many days ago when many people disappeared at the hands of a monster. The monster evolved and turned into me. Thank you for giving me a lot of bio energy back then. But that's okay because I don't need bio-energy anymore. Anyway, the great news is: nine days from today, the 17th M, at noon, there will be a martial arts tournament called the 'Cell Games'. That place is northwest of Central City, 28 KS Point 5. I built a ring there.” Tenshinhan, Piccolo, and Mr. Popo are looking at a small satellite TV from the God's Palace. “It's different from Tenka'ichi Budōkai. The opponent you humans will fight will be myself. You can be as many as you want.”

“The way it works is that one of your competitors fights me, and when he loses, another competitor takes his place. Therefore, it would be beneficial for you to have larger numbers. I might get tired if I have a lot of matches. The rules are mostly the same as Tenka'ichi Budōkai. Giving up or any part of the body leaving the ring is a loss. And while I try not to, if you get killed, that's a loss too. If all opponents lose, I will kill every person in the world. I'm going to make sure I don't leave a single one behind, while getting a good look at the look of fear on their faces." Vegeta, Trunks, Bulma, and Dr. Brief are watching from the lab where number 16 is being repaired. "That being said, I want the attended by those who trust in their power." Cell then puts his hand on the wall behind him and blows it up completely. He then flies out of the building through the hole he made.

At Kame House, Kame-Sen'nin thinks he's incredible while Kuririn thinks about what he said about killing everyone in the world. Yamcha wonders who could face him. Vegeta and Trunks couldn't do it, not even Goku could do it. In Capsule Corp. Vegeta takes off his shirt and Bulma asks where he's going. He says of course he is going back to the strange room. Vegeta says he doesn't know about Earthlings dying, but he won't be satisfied unless Cell is killed. Trunks says he'll go too, and Bulma says she'll cut his hair before he goes. “Cella's speech has now caused great fear throughout the world. The world is once again weakened by peace, and the military and police do not know what to do with the enemy that has appeared before their eyes. People forgot about the little boy who fought the Piccolo Daimaō once upon a time. And people didn't know about the warrior who fought the Saiyans or Freeza. About the existence of Son Goku.”