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Piccolo asks why he won't go back, and Goku says he won't get anywhere because it's too rough on the body; Getting enough rest will be better. Vegeta thinks that the room was too harsh even for the large Kakarrot. Goku says all the pointless body work is just painful, not training. But he has no problem if they want to go there, there is still room to work. Vegeta doesn't like how Kakarrot talks because his power is greater than his. Goku says it's much bigger and Vegeta freaks out. Goku wishes them all good luck and says they will meet again at the tournament. He flies off and Gohan follows. On his way down to Earth, Goku says he'll make a quick stop and stops by Karin.

They greet Karin and Yajirobe. Yajirobe says he won't be in the tournament no matter what, and Goku says that's why he didn't come. Karin says that terrible things are happening to Earth and Goku says that Cell is even more incredible now that he has reached his perfect form. Karin thinks Goku looks really calm anyway and asks if he discovered something amazing in the Room of Spirit and Time. Goku laughs a little at this and Gohan wonders if he really discovered something, but he was with his father the whole time. Goku asks Karin if she knows how strong Cell is, and Karin says no, but he was able to guess. Goku asks him to try to match Cell's with his own, raising his ki.

Tenshinhan wonders if Goku and Gohan were really Super Saiyans when they looked so natural. Piccolo says they definitely were, but they seem to be training to stay at a normal day-to-day level. Trunks thinks it has to be so they can make an even more incredible transformation when it's time to fight, but Vegeta says no. Vegeta explains that they figured this state was best because once they got used to it, they could increase their fighting power with little strain on their bodies. Then all of a sudden, Karin's Goku starts to turn on. He nearly blows Karin and Yajirobe away and Karin yells at him to stop. The others in the God Palace feel Goku's ki and can't believe it.

Goku tells Karin that this is half his strength and Karin thinks it's crazy to be that strong. Gohan thinks, "So this is how awesome father became..." Now Goku asks him to compare him to Cell. Karin pauses and then says it's just a guess, but Cell is a bit bigger. Goku realizes that his own guess was correct and thanks Karin. He touches Gohan's shoulder and they both teleport away. Yajirobe thinks that Goku is no longer human, while Karin wonders why Goku is so calm. Vegeta, meanwhile, is annoyed with Kakarrot for always being one step ahead and yells at Piccolo to hurry up and go into the room. Goku and Gohan arrive at Kame House and Goku says they will get Chi-Chi and go home. There they will have three days of rest, three days of training and then another three days of rest. Gohan wonders if it's all really good and Goku says to just go get his mom. Chi-Chi screams when she sees Gohan's hair color and thinks he has turned into a delinquent. Nine days until the Cell Games…