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Goku, Gohan and Chi-Chi are having a picnic by the lake and Goku points to a huge fish in the lake. Gohan asks if it's okay to be so carefree and Goku tells him not to worry that it will probably all work out. Gohan doesn't like "probably", but Goku assures him that they can win, so there's no point in training anymore. Chi-Chi tells them that their lunch is ready, so they go eat. Some time passes and then they drive down the road. Goku says that all the shops are closed, and Chi-Chi says that it's because they think they're all going to die in seven days, so they're not working. Then a reporter comes over the radio and Goku says that someone is working. The reporter says that the royal army is on its way to 28 CP point 5 to attack a monster named Cell. Goku yells at them to stop because they will just get killed.

A group of tanks, planes and soldiers are approaching Cell's ring and the foolish army has arrived. Cell flies out of the ring and someone says he's going to run. Cell lands on a nearby mountain, thinking that he just doesn't want his ring to be destroyed. Someone shouts to stop him from running away and launch an offensive. Several tanks and missiles are fired at Cell, and Goku's family listens to the game on the radio. The commander calls for a halt to the attacks as they have done enough. But when the smoke clears, Cell is completely unharmed. Everyone tries to back off, but Cell just waves his hand and blows them all up. Cell thinks it was a waste of time as Goku turns off the radio. Goku tells Chi-Chi and Gohan to go home, he has business with Piccolo. He then gets out of the car and teleports away.

When Goku arrives at God's Palace, the first thing he asks is if Piccolo was also in the Room of Spirit and Time (Vegeta must be there now) as his level has increased significantly. Piccolo says yes, but doubts he's even a match for Cell, and Goku confirms. Piccolo smiles and says he's really blunt, then asks why he came here. Goku asks Piccolo if he and God can split up again when they reunite because he wants to bring all the people Cell killed back to life. Piccolo says no, they split up once and they can't do it again. Goku figures no and then says he wants to find the planet the surviving Namekians went to. Surely someone there would be willing to come to Earth. Then they would have another God and the Dragon Balls would be restored!