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Goku says he'll go find the Namekians now, and Mr. Popo says he'd also like to have a new God. Piccolo asks Goku how to get there since they don't know what planet they went to and their time is limited. Goku says he has Shunkan-Idō and will only seek out people with ki like Piccolo's. Piccolo questions if he can really find ki that far and Goku thinks so. Goku searches but then says he can't in the end. Goku wonders if he could find them from Kaiō's house and teleports away. Meanwhile, everyone at Kame House is watching TV and King begins. “As we broadcasted a while ago, the army, which was concentrating all its efforts, was hit by a devastating attack from Cell. I take full responsibility. This was truly inexcusable; that was not the way. Honestly, I don't know what more we can do. But please don't panic. I believe that a savior like the boy who defeated Piccolo Daimaō long ago will appear once more! Let's pray to God.” Kuririn notes that God is gone.

Goku has arrived at Kaiō's planet and greets Bubbles. He then goes to see Kaiō, who is sleeping on a lounger. Kaiō questions why he came here, and Goku realizes that he doesn't know about all the incredible things happening on Earth. Kaiō says that the area he rules is vast and he can't just watch Earth. Goku recounts how he dozed off despite this, and Kaiō yells at him to tell him what's going on. Goku says, “Well…” and Kaiō freaks out. Goku says he hasn't said anything yet, and Kaiō says, “Oh yeah. Hurry up and talk." So Goku explains everything and ends with how he needs to find the planet where the Namekians are. Kaiō takes it all in and says that crazy things always happen to Goku, one after the other. Goku says that it would really help him , if he pointed him in the direction of the new Namekian planet.

Kaiō sits still and concentrates while Goku tells him how lonely Mr. Popo is and all. Kaiō yells at him to be quiet so he can concentrate. Goku holds his hands over his mouth until Kaiō finds them. He points in that direction and Goku concentrates, facing that direction. Kaiō realizes that he learned Shunkan-Idō from the people of Yardrat and says how useful a technique it is. This time Goku tells Kaiō to be quiet. Then Goku finds it and teleports away. He arrives on the new planet Namek and they are surprised to see him. He says there's a lot of little girls out there. Muri asks who it is. Goku says his name is Son Goku and he is from Earth. Muri is excited because he knows he was the one who fought Freeza and saved them. Goku nervously says yes, but Planet Namek has exploded.

Goku explains everything to them and how he needs someone to come to Earth and be their new God. Muri says there is someone who would do it and calls Dende. Dende comes to them and Muri says how she keeps saying she wants to go to Earth and meet Gohan and Kuririn. Goku wants to know if he can make Dragon Balls, and Muri says that he is an excellent member of the Dragon Clan. Goku thinks this is great and greets Dende. Goku thanks them all and Dende says goodbye to them all. They then teleport back to Kaiō's just to say it went well and then straight to the God Palace on Earth. Piccolo is surprised to see Dende and Goku tells Dende to wait here while he goes and gets Kuririn and Gohan.

Kuririn happens to be watching TV at Kame House with Yamcha. The reporter says that the world champion fighter and superhero Satan will appear at the Cell Games. The reporter asks Mr. Satan if he's going to be okay since Cell wiped out the army. Satan says it was just an explosive powder trick and calls Cell an amateur. He proceeds to threaten to beat up the crazy bluffing bastard and the crowd cheers him on. However, Kuririn and Yamcha are not thrilled. Goku then arrives and asks Kuririn to come with him. He brought a new God, his name is Dende. Then Goku arrives at God's Palace and Dende, Kuririn and Gohan are excited to see each other. Trunks wants to ask Goku one thing: the reason he's so calm now is because he found a weak spot in Cell, right? But Goku doesn't think Cell has a weak point.