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With twelve minutes to go, Satan is already climbing into the ring. Satan calls the announcer and the cameraman to him and off they go, with the announcer calling himself the bravest announcer in the world. They also both climb up to interrogate Satan. Satan says he is going to expose Cell. He knows it was just a trick involving bombs when Cell destroyed Central City and the military. Cell ignores them and Satan thinks he's just scared and shocked. The announcer gives Cell the finger as Satan bends over and takes a beating. Kame-Sen'nin watches and thinks it wouldn't be so bad if this guy was killed. Then the announcer and Satan notice someone flying in. Cell says Vegeta's has arrived and his skills have increased. The announcer asks if he was really flying, but Satan says it was a trick. The announcer goes to talk to Vegeta, asking who he is and saying it's dangerous here. "Go away. Don't bother me anymore." The announcer goes back to Satan and says he thinks the guy is a little crazy. Even his hairstyle is strange. There are now just five minutes left until the start of the Cell Games. Number 16 arrives next with a Capsule Corp patch over the Red Ribbon logo and Cell is surprised to see him. Vegeta says that only Bulma and her father could fix that robot, but they lost time.

Then Cell says that Son Goku has finally arrived. Seven of them fly in and land; Gohan, Kuririn, Piccolo, Yamcha, Goku, Tenshinhan and Trunks. The announcer says they were all flying, but Satan insists it was just a trick. #16 goes to Kuririn and thanks him for fixing him up like that. Goku wishes #16 good luck, but #16 says, “I was made to kill you. Don't forget that Son Goku." Goku cracks his knuckles and says he wants to go first. Vegeta doesn't care because he'll be the one to finish Cell either way. Satan says they can't decide the order and the announcer asks , if they are going to participate. Goku says yes, all of us. The announcer yells that it's not a game, they don't know anything. Kuririn thinks they're the ones who don't know anything, while Satan thinks they're all fools who they don't know about the world champion Mister Satan. The announcer goes on about Satan and Kuririn asks Goku if it's okay for Satan to be killed. Cell interrupts and says it's time to start.