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Cell tells someone to hurry up and get in the ring, and of course Satan says he's going first. Goku warns Satan that he's going to be killed and he should stop, but Satan ignores him while the announcer tells the cameraman to go see that idiot over there. The reporter tells the world what this person just said to World Champion Mister Satan, and people watching around the world think Goku is an idiot. At the royal castle, the king watches. The king thinks the man looks just like the boy who saved the world from the Piccolo Daimaō. But the hair and eye color is different, so it can't be him. However, someone else among them looks just like Piccolo Daimaō. Kuririn tells Goku not to worry because they can bring him back to life with the Dragon Balls, and Goku realizes there's no point in warning him. Goku waves to them that it's okay, and the announcer finds himself realizing how big Satan is after all.

Satan takes off his cape, then his championship belt, and looks at Cell for a moment. He then pulls out a capsule, opens it, and has a large bag. He opens the bag and pulls out a pile of tiles. Fifteen of them and he stacks them all. Satan concentrates and then cuts through fourteen of them. Goku and everyone are silent while Cell thinks he's a real idiot. Satan tells him to look at the broken tiles - it'll be him in a minute. Satan thinks it will be great for his popularity, with it even being recorded on video. Satan takes his stance as the announcer continues about the start of the Cell Games that will decide the fate of the world. Satan attacks Cell and hits him in the face with his Dynamite Kick. He unleashes a flurry of punches on Cell until Cell finally knocks him aside. Kuririn whispers to Gohan that he was actually kind of rooting for Cell on this one. Satan crashes into a nearby mountain, but is somehow still alive. Kuririn looks disappointed. The world is shocked that Satan got the ring, and Cell says to hurry up and start the Cell Games now, and Goku enters. Satan says he's just taking a break, next time he'll be serious. Vegeta can't believe Satan still doesn't realize how much bigger Cell is than him.