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Goku and Cell stare at each other and Kuririn thinks that now the real fight will begin. The announcer thinks the unknown contestant was pretty awesome and asks Mr. Satan what he thinks. Satan nervously says that it was better than he thought, but that's probably as good as he gets. Cell and Goku each think about each other, and then Goku gets serious and says, "Alright!!" Trunks thinks the look in Goku's eyes has changed and Cell thinks his full power is coming. Goku starts powering up and knocks everyone back. He is then done and Vegeta, Trunks and Kuririn are amazed at his strength. Gohan thinks, “Why is everyone so surprised? Of course I think he's incredible, but…”

The announcer wonders what happened, it looked like an explosion and the unknown racer seems to be shooting flames now. Then Cell turns on as well, knocking everyone down even more. So now both Cell and Goku are shining. The announcer says Cell did the same thing and Satan says it's just a stupid trick. Goku then goes to Cell and Cell says come on. So Goku punches Cell in the stomach, then elbows him in the back, kicks him, and finally punches him. Cell flies but stops in mid-air while upside down. Cell says that's great, it wouldn't be any fun if they didn't use their true power, and Goku agrees.