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The announcer and Satan are shocked and the announcer asks the cameraman if he got it. The cameraman says he couldn't get anything that fast. Once again on the ground, Cell wipes the trickle of blood from the side of his mouth before launching the Kamehameha. Goku yells at him to stop if he uses a Kamehameha with that much power... Cell continues anyway so Goku heads into the air and Cell blasts it towards him. The Kamehameha is insanely huge, blasting into space, and Goku barely manages to get out of the way with the Shunkan-Idō. Goku reappears behind Cell and kicks him before he can react.

Cell is angry and wants to know how he can appear and disappear like that. Goku says Shunkan-Idō and Cell says it's an annoying technique. Goku also wants to know if he hadn't skyrocketed, Cell would have destroyed the Earth with that Kamehameha. Cell says it doesn't matter knowing Goku will fly up to deflect it. Goku thinks that Cell is skilled in his head as well. However, Cell has no intention of destroying Earth because then his fun would be over. Cell then lunges forward before Goku can react and punches Goku in the face. Goku tries to punch him back, but Cell hits him from behind, knocking Goku to the ground. Goku pushes himself into the air, but Cell is already up there behind Goku, knocking him back into the ring. Cell says that even though he cannot use the Shunkan-Idō, he is confident in his speed.