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\Goku is still in the air heading down at Cell and Piccolo wonders if he really intends to fire Kamehameha at full power. Kuririn thinks he won't because the Earth would be blown up, and Cell doubts it as well. Goku doesn't stop and both Cell and Vegeta realize that he intends to fire it. But then Goku suddenly teleports and appears right in front of Cell and he blasts the Kamehameha full blast. Cell is blown away, and when the smoke clears, Cell's headless body lies on the ground. Yamcha is really excited, but Trunks and Kuririn aren't. Satan thinks he's done pretty well. Goku thinks that Cell still has a lot of ki for being in this state, and Kuririn shouts that Cell will probably revive.

The remains of Cell jump back to their feet, then sprout a new head and arms and everything. The Herald and Satan freak out while Goku realizes he can regenerate. Cell says as does Piccolo. Goku didn't think he could really win that easily, but at least now Cell's ki had dropped a lot. Cell notes that Goku's ki has also dropped a lot and he is breathing heavily. Cell advises Goku not to do any more pointless attacks so that he doesn't drain his power and make the fight boring. Goku agrees and attacks Cell, but Cell dodges. Goku blocks the kick but then gets punched in the face.