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Cell punches Goku and crashes into a nearby mountain. Cell lunges after him as Goku emerges from the wreckage and fires a bunch of blasts. Cell builds a huge barrier to stop them all as people around the world watch on TV. The old couple says it looks like Chi-Chi's husband. Bulma watches with Kame-Sen'nin at Kame House and thinks Goku is doing great. Kame-Sen'nin, however, did not. “Goku can't win… Not only that, but even knowing that, I can see him struggling. I don't know what he had planned, but…” The barrier is now gone and Goku is really breathing heavily. Cell says that Goku's power seems to have decreased and says that he can have senzu if he wants. That makes it even more of a struggle.

Trunks yells at Kuririn to do as he says and give Goku a senzu, then he will win for sure. Vegeta yells at Trunks to shut up about not having Saiyan pride. Kakarrot would probably rather die than win like this. He's not even fighting for Earth right now. “I hate to admit it, but with only that special training, I couldn't beat Kakarrot. That bastard is a genius. But Cell is a step or two higher than the current Kakarrot." Trunks asks what are they supposed to do, be quiet and watch? "You're the one who keeps saying, 'He must be planning something.' Have some faith in him.” Cell asks Goku if he can't eat the senzu for his pride and that Goku's chances of winning have increased a bit.

Goku doesn't say anything, then smirks, landing and the aura around him disappearing. "I surrender! This is a submission! I know your power well now! So I quit." Everyone is shocked and the cameraman tells Satan and the announcer that he said he was giving up. Cell asks Son Goku if he realizes what that means. If there is no one left to fight in the Cell Games, everyone on Earth will die. Goku says there's still one left that can fight him, but Cell says it's the same difference, Vegeta and Trunks aren't even as strong as Goku. The announcer tells Mr. Satan it's his turn again and Satan freaks out. But no, Satana suddenly gets stomach cramps. Too bad... Goku asks if it's okay for him to pick another person to fight, and Cell realizes that he means it. Vegeta wonders what the hell is going on since there is no one to win.