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The two looked at each other, Cell angry and Gohan just serious. Trunks fed Kurira's senza and explained to him that Gohan got the senza back from Cell. He tells Kuririn that he needs to get on, though Kuririn is preoccupied with how stunned he was by the transformed Gohan. Cell looks at Gohan, doubting that he seriously thinks he can beat him. Gohan says he can beat Cell. Cell is surprised, but then smiles and says that he will show Gohan his wild, true power. Yamcha has now recovered and he, Trunks, Kuririn and Vegeta watch from the cliff as Cell begins to power up. Everyone is blown away by it and all sorts of dust blows around. When some of the dust is released, Gohan hasn't moved at all. Goku says that Cell is finally fighting at full power. Cell tells Gohan that he's serious now, but Gohan doesn't care. Cell is surprised, but then laughs.

Cell attacks Gohan and punches him in the face. Gohan stumbles a bit but is barely hit and Cell is shocked. Cell punches Gohan again, but Gohan blocks it and then delivers a hard blow to Cell's stomach. Cell clutches his stomach for a moment, but then takes one hand and swings at Gohan. Gohan pulled back and then gave Cell a slash that knocked him back a bit. Cell rages and blood drips from his nose and mouth. Cell can't believe he took so much damage with just two punches. The TV camera is broken, but the announcer tries to start a fight anyway, talking about how the boys are doing against Cello.