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Gohan yells, "OTECRRRRRRRRR!!!!!", and pounds the ground. The others say nothing and just look down (except Vegeta). The announcer wonders what happened and why Cell is gone. Kuririn walks over to Gohan and pats him on the back, saying that he and Goku are done with it now. "It's my fault… I could have killed him then like my father said… I got carried away…" Kuririn says that at least Earth is still safe and helps Gohan up again. Kuririn picks up #18, who is still unconscious, and tells Gohan that Goku looked content when he died because he was happy with Gohan's growth. In the other world, Goku apologizes to Bubbles and Kaiō as all three now have halos. They all fly next to Snake Road. Kaiō is angry that Goku used him, the largest in the universe, just to save one small planet. Goku says he apologized and that was all he could think of at the time.

Goku says that Cell's soul isn't here and wonders if he went straight to hell. Kaiō thinks about it and then freaks out. He says that everyone who dies must go to Enma so he can tell where their soul will go; which means Cell must still be alive! Back on Earth, Vegeta asks Kuririn what he is doing with the artificial human, kill him. But Kuririn says she doesn't think she's that bad. Then suddenly something like an explosion appears behind everyone. Everyone recognizes the ki and an explosion bursts out of the smoke, suddenly shooting Trunks in the chest. As the smoke clears we see Cell's hand and he asks who did he hit, Trunks? The smoke has now completely dissipated to the point that Cell is completely visible and is surrounded by crackling lightning, meaning that he has now transformed into Gohan. Everyone is shocked.

“There is a small mass in my head. This is what makes up my core. As long as this matter is not destroyed, my body can still regenerate. I was lucky my core wasn't damaged when I blew myself up. Honestly, I didn't think I could regenerate. I was lucky. I was even more pleased that even without No. 18, my body regenerated into my perfect form. But not just my perfect form. I had great power like Son Gohan. Maybe it was my Saiyan cells that greatly increased my strength before being saved at the brink of life and death. Plus I was able to study Son Goku's Shunkan-Idō. Or rather, I was able to perfect it and come back here. While Son Goku wanted to defeat me, he gave me many gifts.” The others are speechless while Vegeta is angry with Trunks. Gohan is silent and serious again.