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Cell repeats his threat to destroy the entire Earth and Gohan looks worried. Gohan thinks, “Father, I'm sorry. I couldn't protect the Earth from the Cell. The land I was supposed to be able to protect…” Vegeta weakly sits up and tells Gohan that he's sorry for getting in the way. "For Vegeta to apologize... He must have realized there was absolutely nothing else to do..." Piccolo then gets really pissed off about the situation. Cell activates for Kamehameha, disrupting the entire Earth and saying that he now has the power to destroy the entire solar system. People in cities around the world are wondering about the sudden earthquake. The announcer says that Cell is now glowing with a strange light and everything is shaking. Satan insists it is a trick. Cell dares Son Gohan to show him one last defense. Gohan says to just do it, they both know that any counter he does is useless. Cell thinks it's going to be a boring, quick final scene.

"You're not giving up are you Gohan?!" Gohan looks around for his father and asks where he is. “In that world! With Kaiō's help, I can talk to you. Cast Your Own Total Kamehameha!! If so, you could win!! Absolutely!!" Gohan says he can't even use his left arm and his ki has dropped way down. Cell thinks he's so scared talking to himself. "It's ok you can win!! Believe in your own strength!! Show me to the end... The power we both created!” Gohan says he'll do what he can. "Good luck! At this rate, if you can't do it, then we just died like dogs. Avenge us!" Gohan apologizes to his father for causing his death. “Don't worry about it! I'll be here hanging out with Kaiō! Have fun being alive on Earth! Okay?!!” Gohan says okay.

Gohan gets serious, surprising Cell and everyone else. With one hand "Ka...me...ha...me..." Gohan can ignite a lot of energy around him just like Cell did. Both are all charged up and Piccolo says that Gohan can't win, his ki is definitely weaker. Cell launches his Kamehameha and then Gohan launches his own one-handed. And then Goku with his hands in Kamehameha form appears right behind Gohan.