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Two massive Kamehameha's heading straight for each other. Piccolo says they need to get out of here and Kuririn takes number 18 while Tenshinhan and Yamcha take Trunks' body. Two Kamehameha meet halfway and BOOM! The collision is huge, destroying the surroundings. The entire world begins to shake as Gohan and Cell continue. Piccolo thinks it's useless and Cell says he'll end it. "Keep going!!! Keep going Gohan!!!! You haven't released all your power yet!!! Let your power explode!!!!" Gohan insists that he's already using his full power, "Somewhere in your heart you're thinking about how you're going to damage the Earth!!! Don't worry about it!!! Damage can be restored with Dragon Balls!!!"

Cell shouts goodbye, but is suddenly hit in the face. He looks up to see Vegeta. "NOW!!!!" Gohan puts everything into his Kamehameha and it overpowers Cell's. The cell is hit and it completely wipes him out, core and all. Gohan stops, catches his breath, and transforms from Super Saiyan. Then it crashes. Where Cell was, there is nothing but a large crater. The others are shocked while Goku is proud and Gohan is smiling while panting.