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Shenlong tells them to hurry if they don't have any more wishes. They try to come up with another wish and Yamcha says that the girl he was dating wanted an expensive necklace. Then Kuririn suddenly asks Shenlong to return number 17 and number 18 back to normal people. Shenlong says he can't, both of them are too strong than him. Number 18 is still watching and is surprised. Yamcha wonders why he also said number 17, he should be dead. Piccolo says they revived everyone killed by Cell with the first wish, so number 17 is probably alive again now. Kuririn then tries another wish, to remove the destructive device from the bodies of #17 and #18. Shenlong says that he can do that and then bids them farewell. Shenlong disappears, the dragon balls scatter and the sky returns to normal.

Trunks asks why he wished that, and Kuririn says he just felt bad for them because they had bombs in their bodies. #18 gets a thoughtful look on his face. Kuririn apologizes to Yamcha about his girlfriend and the necklace, and Yamcha laughs and says it was just a gag. Tenshinhan asks Kuririn why he asked for the #17 bomb too, and Kuririn nervously says that he likes #18, but she probably likes #17, so... Piccolo says that he doesn't understand this love stuff. Then number 18 comes out of hiding and shouts that she and number 17 are twins. And she says she won't thank him for getting rid of the bomb. But then he calms down and just says, "I'll see you again" and flies away. Yamcha tells Kuririn that there is some hope in "See You Again". Piccolo says he doesn't understand at all.

Kuririn says he can only be partially happy. He will miss Goku. Tenshinhan says he's going home because Chiaotzu is probably worried. They think they will probably meet again sometime. They all say goodbye and Gohan tells him to say hello to Chiaotzu. Tenshinhan tells Trunks to eliminate the artificial humans in his future and then flies off. Yamcha says they should go too. Gohan asks Trunks when he returns to the future. Trunks says he will stay the night and leave tomorrow. Gohan asks Piccolo if he's going to live here and Piccolo says that's the plan. Gohan asks if he can come play sometime and Piccolo says of course. Then Gohan says goodbye to Dendo and Mr. Pop and flies off with Trunks, Yamcha and Kuririn. They all wave to Karin and Yajirobe on the way down and head off in their own directions.

Yamcha and Trunks walk in the same direction and Trunks asks about his father. Yamcha explains that Vegeta got angry when Trunks was killed and attacked Cell. Trunks actually likes to hear that. At Son's house, Chi-Chi is crying and Gohan comforts her. The next day… Everyone (Dr. Brief, Yamcha, Pu'er, Gohan, Kuririn, Bulma's mom, baby Trunks, Kame-Sen'nin) are all nicely dressed, Bulma shakes Trunks' hand (his hair is cut again and he's back in your original clothes). Trunks looks at Vegeta standing by the tree and smiles. Vegeta gives him a two finger salute. Then Trunks drives off in his time machine and everyone waves goodbye. There is a picture of Goku with them.