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In West City, in Trunks' future… Trunks returns with his time machine and tells his mother that he is back. Bulma is happy to see him and says that he has really grown up. He explains how he went to the Room of Spirit and Time in the God's Palace, where he received a year's worth of training in one day. Bulma doesn't quite understand, but says she's glad he came home safe. She asks what happened, some time passes and he explained everything. Goku eventually died but was avenged by Gohan. Trunks says that his father was a really cool person, but he got angry when Cell killed him. Bulma is surprised to hear this. Then there is the news that artificial humans are attacking the city of Petrel. Trunks prepares to leave and tells Bulma that this time it will be okay. He takes off his jacket and turns Super Saiyan. She tells him to be careful and then heads off.

Number 18 furiously blows up all the buildings and Number 17 just watches. He says he is such a child, all because of losing a computer game. Then #17 is shot in the face. He was shot by an old man in an overturned car. Number 17 says he's pretty skilled, then pulls out his own gun, walks over and shoots the old man in the face. Then Trunks comes in and says he'll finish them off today. Number 17 is surprised that Trunks is still alive and Number 18 wants to kill him. No. 17 says let him do what he wants. Number 18 fires a shot at him, but Trunks simply deflects it before flying towards her, blowing her up in one blast. #17 can't believe he did it. Trunks says it was for all his friends they killed. Now it will be for Gohan. He flies over to #17 and kicks him in the face, then blows him up as well. Trunks says, “It's over. …No, not yet. There's one important one left."

About three years pass and the time machine now has enough power for a round trip and Trunks is about to fly off to inform everyone of the artificial man's defeat and that the world is also being reconstructed. Trunks then tells his mother to run and says “I know you're there Cell! You plan to kill me, go back to the egg, and take the time machine to the past to absorb #17 and #18, right? To achieve your perfect form." Cell comes out from behind the building, shocked that he knows all this. "The plan is flawed." And that's the end of it!"