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Cell takes note of what he said about the plan being flawed and is surprised that Trunks is so good. "Cell. You were certainly incredibly strong in your perfect form. But as you are now, even I should be enough to defeat you." Cell realizes how he knows about all of this from the past. However, he doubts that Trunks could defeat him and explains that he knows everything about him from the spy bots. He couldn't even beat #17 and #18. Trunks asks how come #17 and #18 are gone. Cell can't believe Trunks could beat them. Trunks says he has to go fight somewhere else and uses a shockwave to blow Cell up. They fly after Cell and they both land on a rocky place outside the city.

Trunks turns on Super Saiyan and Cell turns on as well. Trunks says he won't let him go back to the past and Cell attacks Trunks. Trunks blocks him and then punches Cell. Cell is bleeding from the mouth and then swings his tail at Trunks. But Trunks grabs Cell's tail and throws him higher into the air. Cell stops in mid-air and prepares to use the Kamehameha, but Trunks powers up, fires a huge blast with both hands, and fires it at Cell, completely destroying Cell. Trunks then returns to normal and says that it's finally over, thanks Goku and the others. Trunks returns home and Bulma is happy to see him.

“Trunks who lived through a cruel future… And true peace finally came for Bulma and everyone else. And that peace should last as long as Trunks is around…”