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“Thanks to the father and son of the Son, the Earth was saved from Cell's evil grip. People could return to a peaceful existence. However, as they got used to this calm, the number of fools began to increase. That's how people are. Many years have passed since the battle with Cell... This peaceful city is called Satan City. Although it is not true, it is home to Mr. Satan, who was believed to have saved the Earth, and thus the name of the town was changed."

A few thugs decide to rob the Satan City Bank and start shooting the place up. Meanwhile, Gohan flies the Kinto-Un towards Satan City. Gohan is now 16 and was home schooled until then. But Chi-Chi arranged for him to commute to Satan City High School starting today.

Gohan decides to land in the city, says "goodbye" to Kinto-Uno, and realizes that he took too long to get here. He starts running down the street and stops when he notices a bank robbery. Robbers shoot with cops. Sighing, he takes off his school bag and transforms into a Super Saiyan to hide his identity. He goes over and beats up the bank robbers, catching their bullets as they shoot at him. He turns their truck around to avoid them before running away, leaving the rest to the cops. Then, with black hair again, Gohan picks up his school bag and a girl with her hair in two ponytails suddenly approaches him from behind, wondering who did all this. Gohan says he didn't see. The girl cracks her knuckles, disappointed that she's too late to join in as Gohan sneaks away.

The old man tells the girl and tells her Videl-sama that it was the Golden Warrior again. She talks about what a great job the Golden Warrior did and says he was wearing the same school badge as her. (She had a small star badge pinned to her shirt, Gohan had one on his vest.) At Orange Star High School... In a classroom, set up more like a college classroom, Videl asks a guy with long blond hair, Shapner, if he's golden. A warrior, but Shapner denies it. The blonde wonders if the Golden Warrior is stronger than Videl's dad, but the goofy kid says no way, Videl's dad is a world champion who saved Earth, Mr. Satan. Then the teacher walks into the classroom and says they have a new student. Gohan comes in and nervously introduces himself and the blonde thinks he's cute, just her type. Videl thinks he looks familiar, and Shapner laughs that he's probably the docile bookworm type. The teacher tells him to sit down so Gohan looks around and the blonde calls him to sit down with her. She introduces herself as Erasa and the girl here is Videl and her father is Mr. Satan. Gohan is in shock!