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Bulma, now with really short hair, confirms that Gohan is requesting a complete transformation to hide his identity. Gohan asks if she can do it and Bulma says of course; she is a genius after all. She will make an equipped transformation suit that turns into a capsule and will take about two hours to complete. He thanks her and then asks where Trunks is. Probably in the gravity room with Vegeta. He is at a good age to start training and learning fighting techniques and wants to be stronger than Gohan. Gohan runs into Dr. Brief and talks a little about high school. He then runs into Trunks, who is all sweaty from his workout. Vegeta appears and says that Gohan looks weak and needs to continue training even in these peaceful times. Vegeta then leaves and Trunks wants to go play.

Some time passes and Bulma is done. She incorporated all of this into the watch, and by pressing the red switch, it transforms the wearer. Gohan has a helmet and cape, just like a superhero. Gohan thinks he looks pretty good, but Trunks doesn't think so... Gohan thanks Bulma and flies home to Kinto-Un. On the way, Gohan realizes that if he travels to school while transforming, he can fly, which is faster than Kinto-Un. He transforms and is really much faster than Kinto-Un. He flies over Satan City and spots a wild car. He lands on the road, right in front of the car. The car screeches to a halt and the driver yells at Gohan. But Gohan says "I can't allow such reckless driving!" One could run over!! Promise me you'll be safe driving around town from now on!!" The driver and passenger get out, now very angry (one has a gun and the other a knife) and wonder who the hell that freak is. Gohan has to think about it for a moment.

With a goofy sentai-style pose, he introduces himself as a lover of justice: The Great Saiyaman! The bad guys make fun of him, and Gohan angrily stomps his way down the sidewalk. He put a lot of thought into the name and they apologize and say it's a great name. Then they leave saying that from now on they will practice safe driving.

“Thus, rumors of the new hero, the Great Saiyaman, quickly spread throughout Satan City.