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The guy asks him again and the Great Saiyaman says he will tell him as soon as he promised. "I..." Posing. "Evil is absolutely unforgivable. Friend of justice!!” More posing. "I am the Great Saiyaman!!!!" (He practiced all this for two hours last night.) Videl thinks it's very weak. Grand Saiyaman says the guy's resistance is futile (seriously) and tells Videl to handcuff him. Videl notices that the Great Saiyaman knows her name... The guy decides to throw a smoke bomb and try to escape in his car, but the Great Saiyaman says that such smoke couldn't fool his eyes and vows not to let him escape. Videl is crazy about being able to fly, and it's no trick. Big Saiyaman of course catches up to him and pats him on the head, then brings him back to Videl.

Big Saiyaman asks if he will take the criminals to the police, but then Videl suddenly says that his identity must be kept secret. The Great Saiyaman admits that he is... "But son of Gohan-kun, how did you get out of class?" Big Saiyaman explains that he said he had to go to the bathroom. "Ah!!!! I knew it, your true identity was Son Gohan-kun!!!" Shocked, the Great Saiyaman asks in disappointment how she knew that. His voice and he knew her name. So they both fly back to Videl's school plane and she asks why he dressed like that. He explains that his friends wanted to live normally so he should hide his power. Videl wonders if he's also a Golden Warrior, but Gohan insists that he's not (that one has to stay secret).

Videl then starts asking him if he will be entering the Tenka'ichi Budōkai next month, and Gohan thinks about it. He explains that it's a tournament that will decide the fighting champion, and revives after a long time. “My dad was the champion of the previous tournament. I don't know what he looks like before, but he was a mysterious man named 'Son Goku'…” Gohan is getting nervous. Videl believes that this 'Son Goku' must be Gohan's father and Gohan doesn't deny it. He insists that he should join the Tenka'ichi Budōkai as it would be interesting with the children of the previous two champions fighting. Gohan doesn't want to, but Videl threatens to tell everyone that she's the Great Saiyaman, so Gohan reluctantly agrees. When he returns to the school, Videl drops him off on the roof and she asks him if he will teach her to fly too. Gohan changes and returns to class. The kid yells at him that he must have taken a huge dump and Gohan is really embarrassed.