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Gohan says he needs to get his reflexes back up to speed as he piles up some rocks. He tells Goten to throw rocks at him from that row and Goten agrees as Gohan stands up. Goten thinks it's awfully close, but Gohan insists that the shorter the distance, the better. Goten thinks he's going to get hurt, but Gohan insists it's fine and tells him to throw it hard. Goten throws it very hard and Gohan barely dodges it. The rock rushes down the mountain behind Gohan. Goten thinks it was awesome and that "Big Brother" did great while Gohan is speechless. Goten is about to throw more but Gohan tells him to hold on as he's making a new row further back. Goten then continues throwing rocks and Gohan easily dodges them.

Goten then stops throwing and asks if he can be like him, but Gohan doesn't understand. The "Super Saiyan" thing. Gohan laughs and says that it takes a lot of training, plus anger and stuff... Goten suddenly turns Super Saiyan and Gohan's jaw drops. Gohan asks how long he's been able to do that, but Goten doesn't remember. Gohan can't believe it, after all the trouble he and their father went through to become a Super Saiyan. Gohan says they can wrestle now and asks Goten if he knows about it. "Yes! While big brother was studying, mother was teaching me. He says she saw him turn Super Saiyan once and got mad because it was wrong. Goten then comes at Gohan with a kick, punches, and many more punches, all of which Gohan blocks. Gohan he ends up in the air while Goten stays on the ground because he can't fly, Gohan thinks it's weird that he became a Super Saiyan without being able to fly.

A plane flies by and Gohan recognizes Videl in it. Gohan realizes that besides her, he now has another person to teach to fly. He lands and tells Goten not to show off his power too much to this girl from his school, especially not a Super Saiyan. They both run back to the house through the woods and Goten says how amazing Gohan was dodging the rocks. Gohan says that Goten has amazing fighting talent and if he trains, maybe he could join the Tenka'ichi Budōkai as well. Goten says that Trunks is stronger, at least when they play fight. Gohan worries that the youngsters will pass him by quickly.

Back at the house, Chi-Chi thinks Videl came looking for a date just as Gohan and Goten arrive. Videl says she looked him up to find his address and asks Gohan about his absence from school because he was supposed to be teaching her how to fly. Gohan says yes and explains the situation to his mother - that he learned about Budōkai through Videl and promised to teach her Bukūjutsu. As a thank you, Chi-Chi tells her not to do anything "naughty" to Gohan, and Videl angrily grits her teeth and says she doesn't mean to. Gohan nervously says that he just wanted to train quietly…