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“Alright, I'll teach you two Bukūjutsu, or rather, how to fly. It's just ki control and it's not that difficult. If you think it's jumping at high speed, then it's not good in itself, but…” Videl asks what kind of ki it is. "Eh!? Ki... You probably call it something else where you're from. It's a hidden 'energy' or 'force' in your body." Videl still doesn't understand, so Goten demonstrates by destroying a nearby mountain with a ki blast. Videl thinks that it was a trick but Gohan says not at all. So Videl thinks it must be witchcraft so Gohan realizes he's going to have to explain everything about ki to her. Videl worries she can't fly without ki but Gohan says , that everyone has ki. It's just hard to control. He says Goten Bukūjutsu will have to wait because he has to explain ki to Videl first.

Goten goes to play as Gohan starts to explain about ki. It's not a power, he has to calm himself down a lot first or he can't draw his ki. Some time passes and then they eat. Videl praises Chi-Chi's cooking, saying it's better than his cookbook. Chi-Chi thinks she must be rich and asks how many rooms her house has. Fifty. Chi-Chi asks Gohan when they're getting married, which immediately makes him spit out his food. Later, Gohan says that she has already discovered ki, probably due to her martial arts experience. Videl asks if he can fly now, but Gohan says no. He still has to learn to control it and use it freely.

Elsewhere... Goku is doing some serious training as Kaiō watches. Someone in a similar outfit approaches him and mocks his training methods. Kaiō addresses him as South Kaiō. South Kaiō says that it must be the strong guy of the Northern Region, Son Goku, and asks how heavy those scales are that he's using. Two tons. South Kaiō freaks out, but then calms down and says that it won't be much of a problem for his South Region Papoi. Kaiō suggests that he enter this Papoi in a fighting tournament on a planet called Earth in the Northern Region, and South Kaiō says yes. Kaiō then asks Goku if it's okay to increase the weight to ten tons, and Goku doubts he'll be able to move. Kaiō says he can turn Super Saiyan, and Goku says it won't be a problem then. Ten tons, one for each limb, representing forty tons of weight. Goku can't handle the weight at first, but after the transformation it's no problem at all and South Kaiō is rendered speechless. He says that Papoi probably wouldn't participate in such a silly little tournament anyway, and then leaves.

Gohan is amazed that in just one day, Videl is already floating a bit. But then Goten suddenly approaches through the air and Gohan assures Videl that he has much more experience with ki. Videl says she'll be back tomorrow, despite Gohan's objections, because she wants to know more about ki. She pulls out the capsule for her plane and prepares to take off, but first Gohan says her hair would be better short. Videl sheepishly asks if Gohan likes short hair, but Gohan absentmindedly says that short hair is an advantage during a fight. With long hair, it could get in your eyes or be grabbed by an opponent. Videl then gets angry and tells him to mind his own business, then leaves. Goten wonders why she's gone crazy, but Gohan has no idea and worries that all of this will disrupt their actual training. The next morning, Videl shows up with short boyish hair and wants to pick up where they left off yesterday. Gohan doesn't understand her at all…