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In the gravity room at Capsule Corp. Vegeta is training and Trunks is with him. Vegeta tells Trunks that he should leave since 150G is probably too much for him. Trunks says that Goten called last night that he was entering the Tenka'ichi Budōkai, so he must enter as well. Trunks says it's too hard, so he decides to turn Super Saiyan. Vegeta is shocked as Trunks is now enjoying being able to run. Vegeta wonders when he could have started this and thinks how easily he became a legendary Super Saiyan. Vegeta stops Trunks and asks if Son Gohan's younger brother is also a Super Saiyan. Vegeta thinks this is becoming a "Super Saiyan Bargain Sale" and then tells Trunks to attack him. Trunks thinks his father is too strong, but Vegeta says he'll take him to an amusement park if he just punches him in the face once.

The trunks go off, but Vegeta dodges each time. Trunks finally manages to scratch his face and Vegeta counters by knocking Trunks across the room. Vegeta never said he wouldn't counter and Trunks started to cry. Vegeta tells him not to cry, takes him to an amusement park, but first asks who is stronger between Trunks and Son Gohan's younger brother. Trunks is, but only by a little because Goten is a year younger and can't fly. Vegeta is upset that the kids are so strong. Meanwhile, Videl is starting to swim a lot and Gohan tells her that there isn't much left for him to teach her. But he wants to be able to fly as well as Goten, so he'll keep coming until then. Gohan whispers to Goten not to fly so fast when Videl is around.

They touch down back to earth and Videl says that her ability to fly must be a secret from her dad (Mr. Satan) because she wants to surprise him during the fight. He also wouldn't like her going to a boy's house and only being allowed to mess with a boy who is stronger than dad, even though there aren't boys like that... Gohan asks if she ever had a fight with her dad and she didn't. 't. Gohan thinks that he doesn't realize that he is actually stronger than Mr. Satan. He asks if she'd be shocked if her dad was defeated, but Videl says he needs to lose, since mom died, he's been into himself and has been making out with a lot of women. Videl now wants to go back to training, but first asks where Gohan learned martial arts. “The man I know and my dead father. Videl thinks that his father was really strong, and Goten says that their father is coming back for the Tenka'ichi Budōkai. Videl thinks that he is not actually dead but escaped and comes to see them at the Budōkai.

“After all, Videl-san was no ordinary girl, and after only ten days she was free to fly. Because of this, Goten and I were able to get into serious training on our own. The day of Tenka'ichi Budōkai, where Father will also come, is coming…!!”