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Gohan asks Videl how her flying is going and she asks him why he isn't shocked that the human destroyed the punch machine. Everyone in that group got over 200, and her father's record was only 139. Meanwhile, the rest of the contestants will have to wait for the next punch, so Goku suggests to Vegeta that they go check out the youth division. "It doesn't matter. Everything is better than here." Videl continues to think about this group as they come towards Gohan, with Goku noting that his friend was a girl. Kuririn says that she is a very cute girl. Goku says that everyone will look at Trunks and Goten and then leaves. Videl can't believe Gohan knows them and explains that the one in the 'mountain smoke colored' dōgi was his father. Videl thought his father was dead and Gohan says that's why he has a halo over his head.

The announcer says the winner of the youth division will get 10,000,000 zen and the runner up will get 5,000,000. The winner will also take part in a special attraction against Mister Satan. Satan then runs into the ring but slips and falls. Everyone looks on as Satan writhes in pain, but he quickly jumps out and says it was just a joke. Inside, Goten says he will buy toys and candy with his rewards. Trunks wants to buy more advanced stuff and Goten notes that Trunks is from the richest family in the world. Two other kids are chatting and one kid with a mullet says he's lucky he got that guy over there (Trunks) as an opponent. Mullet goes up to Trunks and asks if he's wearing a diaper when he pees, but Trunks just insults his hair. The mullet gets angry, but Trunks remains calm. Back outside, the announcer asks how Mr. Satan is feeling. Unfortunately for his opponent, he feels very healthy!

But now it's time for the Tenka'ichi Budōkai Youth Division to begin. Kuririn thinks everything is much brighter and Goku says the ring is much bigger. Of course, Piccolo doesn't like any of this. The rules are the same as adults: Surrender, ring, being down to ten or being eliminated all result in a loss. However, there will be no preliminary matches in the youth division and all thirty-five kids will fight in the main ring. Outside, Gohan and Videl are still lined up at the hole puncher, unable to watch.

Some time passes and the ninth match is Trunks, age 8, versus Idasa, age 15 (a mullet). He heads to the ring and Idasa's mother cheers him on and insults Trunks. But she happens to be sitting next to Bulma, who then encourages Trunks. The announcer calls for the match to start and Trunks quickly sweeps Idasa off his feet, kicking him into the air and he is knocked out as he crashes face first into the ring. Idasa's mom is devastated, Bulma laughs, and Kuririn thinks it's going to be really boring until Goten and Trunks fight. Trunks tells Goten that was why he wanted to fight adults.