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More matches have passed and now it's time for match sixteen, Ikose, 14 years old, versus Son Goten, 7 years old. Ikose's mother, who is the same lady from Trunks' match (i.e. Idasa's mother), yells at him not to be careless like his brother. Chi-Chi yells at Goten to take it easy on him. The lady gets upset that there's another vulgar woman with a "fucking brat" for a child, and Bulma makes fun of her sons. Goten bows to his opponent and Ikose thinks he's such a jerk. At the same time, the announcer thinks that this Son Goten must definitely be Son Goku's son because they look so much alike. The match begins and Goten effortlessly blocks all of Ikos' moves and tells him to be serious. So Ikose tries a little harder, but Goten keeps blocking it effortlessly, then gets bored and takes him down with a single punch. His mother gets angry and tries to attack Bulma, but Chi-Chi knocks her down.

Videl says that it sounds like Goten won his match, but Gohan isn't too excited so she thinks he doesn't care. Meanwhile, Goten and Trunks sail through the competition until the two of them make it to the finals. The announcer says that not only are they both very strong, but they are friends. The attendant tells Mr. Satan that there are two very strong kids in the finale, so Satan finally decides to go watch. Kuririn and Goku are happy to finally see a good match as Videl and Gohan join them in the stands. The match begins and Trunks and Goten promise each other that they won't go easy on each other. As he looks further, Satan thinks that Goten looks very familiar.

The two young Saiyan warriors lunge at each other, blocking each other's attacks and then breaking. But they fly back towards each other, into the air, and trade blows, eventually hitting each other in the face. Goten hits several afterimages of Trunks, then Trunks hits Goten's afterimage and they trade more mid-air punches until they finally break away and land back in the ring. The audience is stunned, especially Mr. Satan. But Goku and Kuririn think they're doing great, and some of the audience are getting pretty excited too.