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The crowd thinks this is a really amazing fight and the TV producer worries about the lack of available TV cameras or even viewers' home cameras to capture this incredible fight. The announcer loves it because that's what Tenka'ichi Budōkai is supposed to be. Trunks says that Goten has improved and Goten says that his brother taught him a lot of things. But Trunks wonders if he can do it and starts to focus on both hands. Gohan and Kuririn worry that the ki blast from there will hit the audience, but Goku knows better. Trunks then brings both hands together and fires a single blast. Goten levitates to avoid him and Trunks maneuvers him just in time to avoid hitting the audience. The crowd says it looked like he was shooting rockets from his hands, while Mr. Satan acknowledges such things…

Goten, back on the ground, says he learned it too. "Ka...me...ka...me..." Trunks points out that it's Ka-me-ha-me-ha, but it's too late. “Haaaaah!!!!” Goten's Kamekameha fires straight at Trunks, but Trunks leans to the side and the announcer has to take cover as he fires towards a building in the background, taking a small piece of its roof off. Goten chuckles nervously at this as Satan says it's like the guy from the Cell battle. Trunks says the ki blasts are too dangerous and should stop. Meanwhile, Videl is quite shocked to see all this. The back-to-back battle continues and Trunks flies at Goten, with Goten retaliating when they clash and don't grab each other's shoulders. Trunks throws Goten into the air and Goten catches but loses sight of Trunks.

Trunks suddenly grabs Goten from behind and locks him in a full nelson. Trunks insists on surrendering, but Goten refuses. Goten really fights and Vegeta tells Goku that Trunks is winning. Goten suddenly turns Super Saiyan to free himself and the two land in the ring, where Goten reverts to normal again. Trunks scolds Goten for this, giggling nervously and apologizing. Videl is bug-eyed, Gohan is angry, and Goku is shocked that he can go Super Saiyan. Vegeta yells at Goku that it was a dirty trick, but Goku says he had nothing to do with it. Mr. Satan says, “S-s-s-so this is the end of the end… No doubt about it…!! It's his child... She looks exactly like him...!! So she has a baby…!!"