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The crowd chants "SATAN", but Satan is afraid to come out to the ring, thinking he's going to die. The announcer asks Trunks if he needs a break, but he says he's fine, so he calls Mr. Satan. Satan then comes out, posing to the crowd as usual, but wondering what he's going to do. Trunks thinks the guy is a world champion, but he doesn't look stronger than his dad at all. Goten yells, "Do your best, Trunks-kun!", but Satan tells him to stay away. Kuririn thinks they should all go back now, but Videl protests because they seem to know the boy, and he faces Mr. Satan. Gohan then nervously says that it should be a great match, but everyone else obviously thinks otherwise and leaves him and Videl behind.

Satan takes off his cape and championship belt and begins to warm up. The crowd cheers, but Trunks thinks it didn't look amazing at all. Trunks starts stretching as well, but Satan tells him to stop, this is a light fight for fun. Trunks insists on going all out. Satan yells at him not to be so childish and Trunks says, "I'm a child." The announcer assumes they are ready and calls for the fight to begin. Satan then says that his knee hurts, which is an old injury he got from fighting Cell that he kept secret. The announcer says he will call the doctor, and Satan is miraculously healed. Not only that, but he gets an idea. He explains to Trunks about the special greeting in the attractive fight, a very light punch to the face.

Satan explains to the announcer that the kid wanted his autograph and now the match will actually begin. Satan then leans forward with a smile and Trunks lightly smacks him in the face. Easy enough to send him crashing out of the ring and into the back wall. Videl is completely shocked while Gohan is angry. Satan stands up, all torn and bruised, and smiles, saying that the child was so strong. The crowd cheers and thinks how nice it was to let the kid win while Trunks is just confused. Satan goes back in and once he is alone, he cries because of the extreme pain he is experiencing.