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The announcer reads the results for those who can't see, with Yamcha commenting that Goku will fight Vegeta. The first match will start immediately — Kuririn vs Puntar. The announcer tells the crowd that Kuririn competed when he was young and did very well, while Puntar competed in a previous tournament and lost by ring in the semi-finals. The little blonde says that the man fighting her father looks really big and strong, but Yamcha assures her that her father is the strongest in the world, at least among Earthlings. Puntar says that he won't hold back because Tenka'ichi Budōkai isn't a game, though he then mockingly says that even the little goofballs don't belong here. Kuririn sighs, thinking that he won't use full power against the idiot.

The match begins and Puntar starts spinning around the ring to show that he is not only big but also fast and tells Kuririn that he will not be able to escape. He dares Kuririn to punch him, so Kuririn nonchalantly punches him in the stomach, slaps him across the face, and then kicks him out of the ring. Happy to see such power again, the announcer calls for the second match — Shin vs Ma Junior. The announcer says that this is Shin's first time competing, but Ma Junior made it to the finals at the old Budōkai in an incredible fight that he remembers very well. The announcer asks him not to destroy the ring (again). Some people in the crowd recognize Piccolo as one of the people in the way while Mr. Satan was fighting Cello. Behind the scenes, Vegeta thinks that he will finally see how great this guy's fighting power is.

Realizing that he can't fight this person, Piccolo wonders why. "You'll find out soon enough. But now let's make it a fun game." Piccolo is shocked that his mind was read, then admits it and leaves the ring. Shin thinks, "I see. He used to be the god of this planet... One way or another, he's starting to guess who I am. .." Shin gets the victory and Piccolo tells Goku that their power difference was another dimension. Kuririn starts to worry because he will have to fight him in the next round. But now to the third match — Videl vs Spopovich. The crowd chants for Videl and Gohan wishes her good luck. The announcer tells the crowd that Videl is the daughter of Mr. Satan and a friend of justice who has thwarted many criminals from the police. She won the youth division seven years ago and in the previous tournament when she was still young. Spopovich competed in the last tournament but now he has returned and changed his image Shin passes Spopovich on his way backstage and looks back at Spopovich with serious concern.