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Shin still stares at Spopovich as he continues backstage. Videl has a bad feeling about the guy as Erasa cheers her on from the crowd, and Shapner has no doubt that she will defeat the guy easily. As they watch from the sidelines, Killa and Jewel notice how much Spopovich has changed since last time (waving his hair, etc.). The match begins and the crowd continues to chant "SHE SAW". Backstage, Piccolo asks Shin if he could be the Dai-Kaiō, but Shin insists that he is not. Kibito enters and corrects Piccolo, saying that Shin is "Kaiōshin-sama". Kaiōshin asks Piccolo to please keep it quiet for now. Piccolo is shocked to hear all this and remembers that above the four Kaiō is the Dai-Kaiō, but he heard that even higher is the god Kaiō, the Kaiōshin. Goku asks Piccolo if the guy said anything, if so he's going to go tell him something, but Piccolo freaks out and tells him not to say anything. Meanwhile, Kaiō wonders why Kaiōshin, whom even he has never met, would be on Earth.

Back in the ring, Videl kicks Spopovich and knocks him down, but he gets up and charges at her. She blocks his punches and Goku and Kuririn think she's doing really well. Videl punches him in the face and then knocks him across the ring. But he still stands up again and Goku notices something. Spopovich runs towards her, but Videl kicks him in the face, elbows him, punches him in the stomach, and finally knees him in the face. He falls and Videl struggles to catch her breath. But Spopovitch immediately gets up, bleeding and grimacing. Goku says she should give up because there's something weird about him. Spopovich then lunges at Videl and slaps her across the ring.