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Videl goes to the ground after being hit by Spopovitch but jumps back up only to be sent out of the ring. However, he quickly catches on with Bukūjutsu and flies back into the ring. Gohan is proud of her, but Goku says it would be better if she dropped out. There's something very weird about this Spopovich guy, with all the damage he's supposed to take, and Goku not really feeling any life force. Gohan wonders what that means, but Goku doesn't know. Videl flies at Spopovich and kicks him in the face, twisting his head completely. Normally this would mean a broken neck and death, but Spopovich just turns his head back to normal…

Videl is shocked and Spopovich takes the opportunity to punch her in the face. Now she's bleeding profusely and he charges at her again, causing her to fly into the air to avoid his attack. Gohan thinks it's good, he can restore his power up there. But Spopovich smirks and flies up as well, shocking everyone. He flies higher than Videl and fires ki at her. He almost crashes into the ring but catches at the last minute. Kuririn can't believe she can use ki blasts, but Vegeta says he purposely used a weak one so he wouldn't kill her and lose the match. Goku says that he seems to hold power far beyond what he should have, which doesn't make sense. Videl takes a shot to the face and hits the ring, but she gets up and refuses to give up. The crowd thinks it's cruel and Gohan wants her to give up.