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The crowd is getting restless, but Chi-Chi yells at them to shut up, she's obviously going to do something amazing. Kuririn asks Kaiōshin what will happen when Gohan transforms. “I think the two named Spopovich and Yamu can challenge Son Gohan. But like I said before, please don't help him. …It's alright. I don't think they would take his life. They only aim for strong energy.” Goku wonders what he means by energy. Back in the ring, Gohan says he's going Super Saiyan, though he doesn't know why. In fact, he will go even further and surpass the Super Saiyan wall. Kibito is shocked to hear that he is something beyond Super Saiyan. Gohan runs it and transforms to this stage, shocking everyone. Even Videl sees this and wonders what's going on. Spopovich's meter goes off the scale and says this guy has tremendous energy. Gohan asks if he wants to fight now, but Kibito can't believe that someone from the lower world could have such incredible power.

Vegeta thinks that he is nowhere near the level he was at when he fought Cell because he procrastinated on training during these peaceful times. But Kaiōshin says that his power is already far beyond imagination and wonders what would happen if that power "stopped". Shapner and Erasa suddenly realize that Gohan is a Golden Warrior, while the other people in the stands remember seeing such people when Mr. Satan fought Cell. Yamu now has another small device with an "M" in the shape of a turkey baster. They both fly into the ring and Gohan senses them right away. He turns to face the attackers, but Kaiōshin suddenly throws his arms around and uses his power to tie Gohan up some more. Spopovich restrains Gohan as Yamu uses a device to drain Gohan's energy. Once the device is full, Yamu and Spopovich fly away and Gohan collapses.

Kaiōshin tells them not to do anything as Kibito will return Son Gohan to normal. “I'll keep an eye on the two from here. You can all come with me if you want. It would help a lot.” The crowd is very confused while Chi-Chi is worried about Gohan. Kuririn asks Goku what to do. Of course, Goku wants to follow, help Kaiōshin and finally find out what's going on.