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Goku finds out that he intends to revive Majin Buu and Kaiōshin says yes, therefore he must defeat the mage Bobbidi. Goku asks if he is strong. Kaiōshin says he should be a lot like his father, with formidable magic but not much physical strength. He was able to use the evil hearts of Yama and Spopovich and take them over. They should be fine as long as we don't take control of any strong people... Meanwhile, Gohan asks Kibito what Yamu and Spopovich wanted with him in Budōkai. After taking so long to revive the sealed Majin Boo, they need massive, pure energy. The two were sent to Budōkai to collect this energy. They are now following the two to find out where Bobbidi has moved to. Back with the others, Goku asks Kaiōshin why he didn't kick that Majin Boo when he beat up Bobbidi's father. He says it was inevitable, and if they disturbed him a bit, the seal could have been released. Plus, the Majin Boo ball was in a place that people who were just starting to walk on two legs couldn't get to, so it seemed safe.

Kibito thinks they should speed up to catch up with the others, but Videl says she's going too fast. Gohan says she should come back and she actually agrees. He tells her to tell Goten and his mother everything when they get back to the Budōkai, and she asks if he was really the Golden Warrior. Gohan apologizes for lying but he didn't want anyone to know. Videl also questions if it was him and his friends during the battle against Cell seven years ago. The child that was with them had to be Gohan. She also thinks it was them, not her dad, who defeated Cell. Gohan doesn't actually confirm it, but she found it a little weird that dad beat Cell. Videl wishes him luck and tells him to defeat that mage Bobbidi. He stops and he and Kibito speed up. When they're gone, Videl is floating in the air, thinking, “Don't die, Gohan-kun. If you come back safe, I want to date you!"

Yamu and Spopovich are well on their way as Kibito and Gohan catch up to the other group. The two begin to land and Kibito says that they have already searched the area. Kaiōshin and the others hide on a lookout mountain and suppress their ki as they watch closely. There is a small, round structure and an alien guy is standing outside talking to Yamu and Spopovitch. Kaiōshin says it's not Bobbidi. Someone thinks the ground looks dug up, and Kibito realizes that Bobbidi has hidden his ship underground. Kaiōshin then realizes that Bobbidi hid it on purpose because he knew they were coming. Piccolo thinks they should hurry up and attack before reviving Majin Boo with the stolen energy. Kaiōshin says that they will all come out so that Majin Boo's revival doesn't destroy the ship, so they'll have to watch for a while longer. The alien goes back in and two more people come out. A tall demonic looking guy and a small wrinkled guy who floats.