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Dabra flies over to Kibit, places a hand on his face and fires ki at him, killing him. Dabra then spits on Kuririn and Piccolo, who were unable to react to Kaiōshin's warning about his saliva and both were petrified. Goku asks if there is a way to bring them back, and Kaiōshin says that only if Dabra dies. Goku is happy that it's such a simple method. Dabra flies back to the ship and Goku and Gohan agree to follow. Kaiōshin shouts at them that this is exactly what the enemy wants, but Vegeta says that they are not good at waiting and follows them as well. Kaiōshin reluctantly follows them. The four of them enter the door and fly down a long shaft until they reach a large round room.

Kaiōshin tells them that the only way out of the ship is to defeat Bobbidi. Vegeta thinks he could destroy the ship, but Kaiōshin protests as the strong shock could wake up Majin Boo. Even without full power, Majin Boo could kill them all and destroy the Earth in a short amount of time. Bobbidi looks through the crystal ball and tells Pui-Pui to go get the energy. Pui-Pui enters the room where they are waiting and tells them that Bobbidi is on the lowest floor. However, they cannot get past him. However, Goku thinks otherwise.