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\Bobbidi inserts the tip of the energy device into the hole in Majin Boo's orb, transfers the energy, and then pulls it out. The meter says it's already half full, and Bobbidi wonders if Spopovich and Yamu got power from hundreds of people. Dabra assures him that they can probably reach full power of the three in the first stage. Bobbidi agrees and then the two fly up a floor to Bobbidi's crystal ball to watch the fight. However, the fight has not yet begun. Pui-Pui stands there confused as Goku, Gohan and Vegeta play rock-paper-scissors. Vegeta wins, meaning he gets to fight first, and Kaiōshin can't believe he intends to fight alone. Pui-Pui thinks they don't look as strong as Bobbidi said, just stupid. Vegeta says that Bobbidi is the stupid one. Kaiōshin is very worried, but Goku assures him that he will let Vegeta handle it.

Pui-Pui explains that there is no way to escape and that the damage she receives is absorbed by the room and sent to the ball where Majin Boo is sealed away. Vegeta says he won't take any damage then, but Pui-Pui says that's not possible. Vegeta tells him to keep going, so Pui-Pui kicks him. Vegeta blocks it and kicks Pui-Pui into the wall. Pui-Pui gets up, but Vegeta kicks him into the ceiling. When Pui-Pui lands, Vegeta suddenly appears behind him and starts pounding him. Everyone except Goku and Gohan are shocked to see this. Bobbidi quickly asks Dabra where Pui-Pui's special place is, and he tells him the high-gravity planet Zun. “Pappara Paaa!!” Bobbidi will transport the Stage One room to Planet Zun. Gohan wonders what happened, and Kaiōshin explains that Bobbidi changed the room with magic, probably to a place that gives this fighter an advantage.

Pui-Pui gloats that this planet has ten times the gravity of Earth, but Vegeta says it's nothing. Pui-Pui accuses him of bluffing and Vegeta says he'll soon see if it's bluffing. Vegeta lunges forward, puts his hands on Pui-Pui's chest, then blows him away. Bobbidi and Kaiōshin are both completely shocked. A panel in the middle of the floor will open allowing them to pass to the next level. Gohan thinks it's like a video game. The next room looks the same as the previous one, but no magic yet. Bobbidi can't believe there are such strong people on Earth, but Dabra says they weren't three hundred years ago. However, Dabra is not afraid because he doubts they will get to him.