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Wondering what happened, Bobbidi says his aura is different than before, but Dabra thinks he's just glowing. Bobbidi tells a nearby henchman to get him the most powerful energy measuring device in existence. Back at the second stage, Goku informs Yakon that it's futile even in complete darkness. Yakon laughs and says that he understands very well. Goku wonders why he doesn't look shocked. The device says that Goku is worth 3000 kiri and Dabra says that a race with 3000 kiri shouldn't exist. Bobbidi believes that the device is malfunctioning, but if it is correct, Yakon's energy is only 800 kiri… Yakon suddenly opens his mouth and begins to suck the Super Saiyan aura from Goku in a large ball of light and swallows it. Goku is normal again and no one can see anymore.

Everyone wonders what happened, and Kaiōshin remembers that the Yakon beast eats light energy. Goku's Super Saiyan energy must be great food for him. Yakon says it was good, he has never eaten light with such delicious volume. Gohan yells at his father not to go Super Saiyan again because he eats light energy. Yakon confirms this, but he would still like to have another portion of that great light. Goku decides to give it to him and transforms again. Kaiōshin thinks he's really stupid, but Vegeta assures him that he has something planned. Yakon starts draining his aura again and Goku has trouble maintaining his transformation. Bobbidi yells at Yakon for being stupid for draining the energy instead of causing injury so that the energy can be absorbed by Majin Boo.

Goku then suddenly increases his energy and Yakon drains it all until it gets too big and explodes. Goku is now exhausted as the floor panel opens. Vegeta thinks "So that Kakarrot bastard also scaled the wall... The Super Saiyan Wall..." As they fly through the hole to the next stage, Gohan says that his father had such incredible ki when he defeated the monster. Bobbidi can't believe Yakon exploded, but Dabra says he was just being crazy, eating more light energy than he could handle. Bobbidi disagrees because Yakon got high towards the end. Bobbidi thinks the guys aren't normal, so Dabra volunteers to go into the third phase himself. Bobbidi says it's over if Dabra loses and wonders if he has a chance to succeed. “Chances of success? Fufufu... I am Dabra, the King of the Demon Realm. There is no one who can stand against my power.”