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Goku wonders if Gohan is trained enough as it's his turn. Vegeta says, “Unfortunately, it looks like he hasn't been training much because of this composure. Now it seems that we are the ones with more power. Though you never know what would happen if he could go crazy and kick some ass.” Kaiōshin really can't believe their strength, nor that he, Kaiōshin, is so upset by them. Then suddenly the door starts to open and Dabra enters the room, praising them for defeating Yakon and making it to the third stage. But that's as far as they go. Vegeta says that Bobbidi must be desperate to send him out so soon. Dabra laughs and tells them to bring it, but Gohan says it's his turn and he'll be the one to beat Dabra. Dabra and Bobbidi are a little annoyed at his confidence.

Meanwhile, back at the Tenka’ichi Budōkai, the announcer says that most of the contestants have left, and since such a thing is unprecedented, they are currently discussing how to proceed. The officials think it's almost an hour, but they only have five contestants left... Kame-Sen'nin in the audience wonders what's going on as he senses some large ki gathering far away. Backstage, Satan says that everyone left because they were afraid of him, and the remaining contestants must be really brave. Then Satan gets an idea and rushes out and appeals to the crowd as he goes to speak to the officials. Battle royal, all five in the ring fighting. The officials hesitate a bit, but eventually agree to Satan's proposal, and the announcer explains the idea to the crowd.

The official tells Satan that he is really brave because the other four will probably gobble him up. Satan begins to worry because he did not think of such a possibility. The announcer starts calling out the contestants. First, the champion everyone knows, Mr. Satan. The only woman, #18, with a strange name. Mighty Mask, who was eliminated in the first round of the last tournament. Killa, who made it to the semi-finals in the last tournament. And Jewel, who is popular among the ladies, but lost to Mister Satan in the finals of the last tournament. Killa asks Mighty Mask if they could team up against Mr. Satan, but Mighty Mask says that #18 is the only one he's worried about. Jewel starts flirting with number 18, but she tells him he's an eyesore and tells him to get lost.

The match is called to begin and Satan begins to prepare for battle. However, Jewel first tries to attack #18 for insulting him, but calmly kicks him out of the ring. Mighty Mask then punches Killa out of the ring as well. Satan is happy because these remaining two don't look like much. #18 thinks Mighty Mask is going to hit really hard, someone with hand weapons like that. Trunks reminds Goten that number 18 used to be stronger than their dad. Satan calls them on, but they ignore him.