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While Mr. Satan was busy winning the Tenka'ichi Budōkai, Gohan faced Dabra... As a Super Saiyan, Gohan furiously strikes Dabra but is blocked. He then kicks Dabra into the distance, but Dabra catches and blows a stream of fire back at Gohan. Gohan easily dodges it and flies back to Dabra, but is hit by several of Dabra's remains. The real Dabra is nearby and announces himself just before firing an electrified fireball towards Gohan. It's a direct hit and Gohan is knocked into the surrounding water. Gohan flies back to the surface and throws his tattered clothes off the Great Saiyan.

Goku says the guy is stronger than he thought. Vegeta thinks this is no one they can't beat and thinks Gohan was stronger when he was just a brat. Goku agrees that he was really slacking off, but Vegeta is still irritated as he watches. Gohan flies towards Dabra again, but Dabra spits at him. Gohan raises his hand just in time to block it so it hits his gauntlet and quickly throws the gauntlet away as it turns to stone. Dabra then flies towards Gohan and magically creates a giant sword. He swings his sword down at Gohan, but Gohan catches him and snaps the blade in half. Bobbidi wonders what Dabra is doing as she thinks she has to deal more damage.

Vegeta is really pissed now and says he will end it himself. Goku tells him that Gohan doesn't really lose, but Vegeta says that he doesn't care about the game. Vegeta wants to speed it up and end it so he can fight him, so he went to the stupid Budōkai. Dabra smirks as Gohan wonders why he isn't fighting back all of a sudden. Dabra telepathically tells Bobbidi to return them to the ship because he discovered something great that will revive Majin Boo. Bobbidi goes with it and they are suddenly back on the ship. Dabra heads back through the door, but Gohan asks him why he's running away from their fight. He tells Gohan that he's not running, he just found another fighter. Bobbidi thinks it should be a great discovery. "One of them has a strong evil heart... With an evil heart of that caliber, we could pull him over to our side..." Bobbidi likes the idea of ​​them fighting each other to gather the energy they need, and thinks that Majin Boo will finally revived.