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Goku thinks about this next fighter that would be better than Dabra and Gohan wonders what he meant by "found". Kaiōshin seems to realize what he meant when Bobbidi observes Vegeta through his crystal ball. Bobbidi agrees that he definitely has an evil heart and didn't come here for justice. Bobbidi starts casting a spell and Vegeta suddenly starts clutching his head. He then becomes a Super Saiyan and fights himself. Kaiōshin tells him that Bobbidi is trying to use his evil heart and tells him to clear his mind. Bobbidi tells Vegeta that he will reveal his hidden power and make him push his limits. Goku and Gohan begin to realize what is happening as Vegeta screams and then leans forward weakly.

Vegeta looks up with an evil grin, an "M" now visible on his forehead. Bobbidi is quite pleased and decides to send them somewhere good to fight. The four are taken to the Tenka'ichi Budōkai ring where Mr. Satan and the announcer are still standing. The announcer recognizes them and says the matches are over. Bobbidi encourages Vegeta to steal their energy, fight hard and kill them if she wants to. Vegeta tells Bobbidi to shut up, his only goal is Kakarrot, no one else matters. Bobbidi realizes that she is not under his complete control, but that doesn't matter. Yamcha and the others notice them and Satan knows they are the ones from "back then" (against Cell) and that they are still alive. Vegeta extends his hand, palm out, and fires a big bang attack at Goku. Goku stands up to face it, guard up, but he walks past it and hits the crowd, blowing up almost an entire section of the arena wall before blasting into the city. Vegeta smirks and Goku gets angry.