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Most of the audience starts to run away, Bulma wonders what happened to Vegeta. Bobbidi laughs that two hundred people are dead. Vegeta tells Kakarotto to fight him if he doesn't want to join the mountain of corpses. Goku asks Vegeta if he let himself fall under Bobbidi's spell on purpose. Vegeta says nothing and then blows up another part of the crowd, nearly hitting their friends. Goku stares at Vegeta and then goes Super Saiyan. Kaiōshin protests, but Goku ignores him. Goku asks Vegeta if he let himself be controlled by Bobbidi so that Goku is serious.

“If I hadn't, you wouldn't have fought me. Things keep getting in your way, even if you're only here for a day, and then you'll be completely gone from this world." Kaiōshin says that it's a stupid thing to do for the sake of it all. "Stupid thing?! Stupid thing you say?! It's everything to me!!! I don't care about this Majin Boo crap!!! He... Surpassed my strength!! While we're both Saiyans, I've been tossed aside!! A prince who was proud of his overwhelming power, I!!! H-he even saved my life!!! I can't forgive him...!!!! At all…!!!!” He pauses and then Goku yells at Bobbidi to change his location to one without humans so he can fight Vegeta.

Kaiōshin says that they will have to go through him before they can fight, and everyone looks on in silence. Goku then raises his hand, preparing to attack Kaiōshin, surprising Vegeta as well, causing Kaiōshin to retreat. Goku apologizes as Bobbidi happily dances and decides to switch places. "Papparapa!!!", and suddenly they are transported to a rocky desert place. Kaiōshin tells Goku and Vegeta to fight to their heart's content while he and Son Gohan break through this entrance to fight Bobbidi and Dabra. The shock of being punched through might wake up Majin Boo, but that's better than him being at full strength to absorb their damage energy. Kaiōshin prepares to target the ship, but Bobbidi tries to get Vegeta to kill him instead. After struggling a bit with Bobbidi's influence, Vegeta says, “I refuse. Whatever Kaiōshin and Gohan do, it's not about my fight."