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Shocked, Bobbidi tries again, but Vegeta still refuses. “Like I said… I just want to fight Kakarrot… I'm a proud Saiyan prince… You think you've taken me as your servant...!!! Even though you control my body and mind, only my pride isn't the way you thought!!!" Bobbidi thinks that someone so full of pride is the first, but Dabra assures him that Vegeta's only purpose was to take energy. If Kaiōshin gets to them, Dabra will kill him. Kaiōshin can't believe that Vegeta was able to resist Bobbidi like this. Goku didn't realize that Vegeta wanted to even the score so much. Dabra suggests that Bobbidi open the door for Kaiōshin so they don't risk Majin Boo being revived at less than full power.

They prepare to jump into the hole, but first Goku gives Gohan one of the two remaining senzu and tells him to eat it now. Goku also tells him to get angry like he did when he fought Cell because it will reveal the depths of his power. If he does, there is no one he can lose to. Gohan feels sorry that all this had to happen on his one day here when he and Kaiōshin jumped into the hole. The floor panel to the next floor is also open and they continue down until they reach the bottom. They arrive at the room with the Majin Boo ball, where Bobbidi and Dabra are waiting. Kaiōshin and Bobbidi mockingly greeted each other and he told Gohan that he would fight Bobbidi.

Goku and Vegeta stare at each other. Goku says that he doesn't want his damage to be received by Majin Boo as energy, so he ends it at his highest power. Vegeta is curious about the fruits of his training in the Celestial Realm. Goku then powers up, electricity flying around his body, and Vegeta says he's even stronger than Gohan was "back then" before powering up himself. Goku thinks he needs to end this soon. Vegeta says he's going to kill him as he throws a hard kick that Goku barely blocks. Vegeta ducks and then throws a punch that Goku catches. Goku throws his own fist with his free hand, which Vegeta catches with his free hand. They try to knee each other until Vegeta headbutts Goku and knocks him away. Goku recovers and kicks Vegeta, sending him crashing to the ground. Vegeta comes back on impact and the two sneer at each other.