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Bobbidi suggests that they all return to the surface as Majin Boo will be at full power soon and could destroy the ship when he emerges from his orb. Kaiōshin agrees, though he won't allow it. “Papparapa!!” Suddenly, they are transported outside along with the Majin Boo ball. Bobbidi asks Dabra if he can defeat the earthling, and Dabra says no doubt. Gohan remembers his father's words and tries to get angry as he turns Super Saiyan. Bobbidi says he won't be done like dad because he has more magical power than dad and Dabra this time. The meter on Majin Boo's ball starts beeping and Bobbidi looks down to see that it is already full. Bobbidi is overjoyed with the excitement.

Kaiōshin can't believe that Goku has already taken so much damage. Gohan realizes that it must be because his father and Vegeta are probably both fighting at a level far beyond Super Saiyan, so the damage must be incredible. Meanwhile, Goku gets punched in the face and then Vegeta gets punched in the face. The two collide and a cloud of smoke forms around them. Trunks and Goten wonder if the incredible ki belong to their dads. Trunks wonders what is actually going on as their location keeps changing.

Goku and Vegeta break and catch their breath. Goku says that they are equal and claims that Vegeta trained even more than he should have. "No... You may think that I had special training better than yours, but you are a genius far greater than me. That difference has never changed." …I knew it. When you fought the monster that Bobbidi sent... It was a shock... So I secretly decided then...” Goku realizes this. "Right. People who knew Bobbidi's two followers in the Budōkai said that they were much stronger than before. I remembered that and thought about it. 'If I were under his control, the difference with you would disappear'… So it was. I resorted to something I didn't like..."

Goku wonders if Vegeta, filled with pride, would really allow himself to be controlled just because he wanted to get stronger? “I… I… I wanted to go back to my old self!!!! I wanted to go back to being a cruel and cold-blooded Saiyan who didn't care about anything and fight you thoroughly!!!! I didn't like it... Without realizing it, I was influenced by all of you. I calmed down... I even had a family... It wasn't bad. I've come to like this cozy little Earth... S-So, I let Bobbidi control me. …I needed to go back to my original evil self… It makes me feel really good now…” Goku wonders if this is really true as smoke starts to rise from Majin Boo's orb.