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Steam shoots out of the Majin Boo orb and Kaiōshin tells Gohan that they should run. Gohan says he can't leave things like this, but Kaiōshin insists that even Gohan couldn't win against Majin Boo. Bobbidi is excited and Kaiōshin yells at Gohan to hurry up. But Gohan thinks he should attack now and then he powers up a bit. Gohan fires a Kamehameha at the ball, which Bobbidi and Dabra barely manage to dodge. The impact is tremendous and the ball is knocked off its platform. It rolls around a bit until it snaps. But… it's empty. Bobbidi can't believe it and Kaiōshin thinks it's really luck and starts lecturing Bobbidi about Majin Boo sleeping too long. Dabra tells Bobbidi to cheer up because she's still there and even has a bit of control over the Weed.

Kaiōshin notices an almost even fight between Goku and Vegeta. He takes down Bobbidi, and if Gohan can defeat Dabra, all of Bobbidi's evil ambitions will be gone. However, Gohan disagrees, saying that the overwhelming ki swells. He looks at the sky and the smoke from the orb gathers into one big cloud. Everyone watches in awe as the smoke begins to form. And then Majin Boo appears!