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Boo stands there smiling as everyone watches. Dabra asks if he is really Majin Boo, but Bobbidi says that Kaiōshin is the only one who has seen him before. Kaiōshin says that he will never forget such a terrifying face. Boo continues to smile and begins to stretch. Gohan thought the majin would be bigger and Kaiōshin says there is no escape now. Gohan thinks that Boo sure has incredible ki, but he doesn't seem to do anything. Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta are both gasping for breath. Vegeta is about to attack again but Goku tells him to hold on, a huge ki appeared, probably Majin Boo.

Vegeta pauses and then laughs. He thinks Majin Boo's fighting power is nothing to worry about, just like he thought. He and Kakarrot became too powerful. Vegeta never thought that Kaiōshin was that great, so something that is scary to him is nothing to them. However, Goku doesn't think so and says that Boo's ki looks abnormal. Vegeta gets angry and says he won't let him get away from their fight. Meanwhile, Bobbidi introduces himself to Bo, he is the son of his creator Bibbidi. He revived him from his ball and is now his master. Boo "hmph", crossing her arms and turning away. Bobbidi scolds him, but Boo ignores him. Then Boo suddenly looks at Bobbidi and sticks out his tongue, scaring the hell out of Bobbidi. Boo laughs at this and Dabra thinks he's just an idiot.

Bobbidi thinks that Boo came out somehow wrong, without brains and strength. Boo looks at Dabra and then dances around with fists in the air. Dabra smiles and thinks he's stupid for wanting to fight him. Gohan thinks that Boo is flawed, but Kaiōshin says that he has no flaw. Boo has little holes in his head and steam is coming out of them, so now he's grinning devilishly. Boo then gouged out Dabra's eyes and kicked Dabra into a nearby mountain. Boo then dances and claps with a happy smile. Bobbidi is stunned now.