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Bobbidi praises Boo as she dances around, and Gohan can't believe how explosively Boo's power has grown in an instant. Meanwhile, Trunks says he felt amazing ki and wonders what happened. Goten wonders which direction they should go and Trunks thinks they should head for the ghostly ki, which is probably majin. So they move away. Goku comments that Majin Buu's ki has become incredible and it's their fault that he was awakened. Vegeta knows, but that doesn't apply to their fight. Goku tells him that everyone will be killed, even Bulma and Trunks. "Shut up... Shut up!!! I sold my soul to Bobbidi to get rid of that softness!!! I don't care what happens to anyone!!!" But Goku knows he hasn't completely sold his soul.

Vegeta hesitates, but then decides to concede. He knows that Goku isn't really focused on fighting since he noticed Majin Boo. Vegeta then asks for senzu. Goku thinks they can defeat Majin Buu for good if they fight each other as he pulls out the senzu pouches. Vegeta then hits Goku in the back of the neck, knocking him down. Vegeta picks up a senzu and eats one, saying that he was the one who brought out Majin Boo, so he'll be the one to take care of him. He will finish this fight later if he is still alive.

Bobbidi tells Boo to obey him. If not, well, he studied the papaan notes and knows the spell that seals him in a ball. Boo then starts paying more attention and Bobbidi says it's better. Gohan thinks that Boo looks very childish so it wouldn't be too bad if they beat Bobbidi. Kaiōshin says that there is no way to seal Majin Boo without Bobbidi. He insists that Boo is really a wild monster despite his appearance, and there will come a time when Bobbidi will have to seal him into a ball, so they should wait until then. Kaiōshin thought he could defeat Bobbidi and prevent Boo's revival. If he knew that these mortals had more power than him, he could do it "like that". Gohan wonders what "here" is, but Kaiōshin says it's too late since they're almost dead and can't even run away.

Bobbidi's first order to Boo is to kill the two, so Gohan grabs Kaiōshin and flies off, confident in his own speed. Boo follows them and then zooms out in a flash to appear in front of them. Boo slaps Gohan into a nearby mountain and then Kaiōshin tries to blow Boo back with a telekinetic technique. But Boo is barely hit, clapping his hands, smashing Kaiōshin's face and then slamming him into the ground. Gohan starts to rise from the wreckage and Bobbidi just loves it.