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Boo lands on the ground next to the now torn Kaiōshin and Bobbidi tells him to kill him. Kaiōshin tries to use his telekinetic powers again, but Boo resists and does something similar, though Kaiōshina flies across the ground. Boo flies after him and lands right on Kaiōshin's back. Bobbidi taunts Kaiōshin, thinking he will finish it himself. Gohan suddenly flies in and kicks Boo in the face, knocking Boo to the side. Gohan's mark got stuck in Boo's face but he simply pushed it out and his face returned to normal. Gohan can't believe he doesn't react to the damage at all. Boo says, “You're in the way. Go!" Gohan prepares to strike, but Boo fires a huge ki ball that knocks Gohan off into the distance. Kaiōshin telekinetically causes the blast to explode and Gohan begins to fall back to the ground.

Kaiōshin begs Gohan to stay alive and Bobbidi asks him if he did anything just now. Gohan lands in a forest where it's cold. Bobbidi tells Boo that she can break up with Kaiōshin now. Boo says he's hungry and wants to eat him. Suddenly, a spear flies through Bo's back and stabs him in the stomach. It is Dabra and Bobbidi asks him what he is doing. Trunks and Goten are nearby so they land on the mountain and turn back to normal to hide their ki. Trying to figure out who is who, they recognize Kaiōshin as a strange fellow from the Budōkai. But then Goten notices Piccolo's stone figure, so the boys head over to investigate. The trunks start to tap him a bit as Piccolo topples and breaks. The boys get scared and run away.

Meanwhile, Dabra insists that Majin Boo cannot be controlled and will not be a loyal servant, but Bobbidi is offended that he would talk about his Majin Boo that way. Boo pulls out the spear and the hole it left in his stomach heals quickly. Boo tells Dabra, "I'll eat you..."