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Vegeta stands over a floor panel, thinking that if he destroys it, he can get into Bobbidi's spaceship. And if he destroys the spaceship, he could quickly find Majin Boo's location. He says that Gohan's ki is already gone and he takes the blame for it. Meanwhile, Trunks and Goten watch as Boo dances and says he's going to eat Dabra. Dabra prepares to attack Boo, but Boo leans forward, says, "Turn into a cookie!" and fires a magic beam at Dabra. What's left is a large Beaver-shaped cookie, which Boo picks up and eats whole. Trunks and Goten are shocked and Kuririn suddenly returns to normal. He wonders how the boys are doing here and Trunks says he was just made of stone.

Kuririn remembers the horned guy spitting at him, and Goten thinks it must have been the guy that just got eaten. Trunks discovers that Kuririn has returned to normal because he died, and then Trunks runs away. Kuririn asks why and Goten says that Trunks broke the Piccolo figure. Trunks freaks out that Piccolo is still in pieces, though no longer made of stone. Trunks goes back to the others and wants to keep it a secret, but then Piccolo asks, "What secret are you keeping?" Piccolo then stepped back as he felt the terrifying ki, realizing it must be Majin Boo. Trunks asks him how he returned to normal, and Piccolo explains that he can regenerate as long as his head is intact. Piccolo wants to know what's going on, but the boys don't really know either. Kuririn is getting really scared of Boo.

Bobbidi tells Boo to eat Kaiōshin as well, and Piccolo is shocked to see Kaiōshin on the ground weakened like this. Kuririn tells Piccolo to calm down because even he can't do anything to stand up to someone like that. Boo wonders what to turn into Kaiōshina, maybe chocolate, maybe jelly. Before Boo can do anything, however, there is a sudden explosion in the background. Vegeta blew up Bobbidi's ship, the explosion shooting into the ground (since the ship was underground). Bobbidi wonders what happened until Vegeta emerges from the smoke. Trunks is happy to see him, but Bobbidi is upset. Vegeta thinks that this unconventional and goofy looking guy must be Majin Boo and is still upset that he killed Gohan. Piccolo is shocked to hear this. Boo wonders what 'unconventional' means, and Bobbidi says she basically has a weird face.

Boo is now angry and shoots steam out of the head. He says he will kill Vegeta and Bobbidi tells him to go ahead. Kuririn notices the monster's ki increasing even more. Vegeta says, “I will not go to hell alone. I'll take you for a ride bastards.” and Kaiōshin realizes that Vegeta intends to die. Vegeta starts up a bit and rushes towards Boo. Before Boo can react, Vegeta lands a destructive kick and then follows it up with a punch to the face, sending him flying.